Our final destination of our trip to Portugal was to visit our friends Peter and Nia at their home in Bouriac, Lot-et-Garonne.  We cycled into their nearest town of Villeréal which after the bike ride required a swift glass of vino in the local bar and all but Peter struggled to cycle back up the hill on the way back.  Having been shown the way by Peter and Nia, Tony and I went for it again the following day, slight detour not the exact same route but got there and back in one piece and after a walk around the town, opted for a coffee to get us back home!

Nia took us to visit Monpazier, the best-preserved bastide town in the area and founded in 1284.  The town has three gateways that lead through the straight streets to the arcaded market square where the regular Thursday market has been held since the middle ages.

We continued on to the much filmed Chateau de Biron just 8 km south of Monpazier.  The chateau wasn’t open but you can walk around the outside and admire the surrounding countryside views.

As always we had a great time visiting Peter and Nia, a lovely end to our trip to Portugal!  The only downside was that we were rather late in the season to be able to enjoy their wonderful swimming pool!