Drive to Croatia

Sunday we crossed three borders, France, Belgium and Germany, drove 431 miles and stayed the night on a Stellplatze (an overnight stop for a campervan, usually in a car park which this one was, next to the fire station and ambulance station so we knew we would be OK if there was an emergency) in a small town called Stromberg, about halfway between Koblenz and Frankfurt, €5, bargain, although the guide said it was free and I reckon if we had arrived about 15 minutes later, no one would have bothered to collect the money. We did skip the Romantic Road yesterday but that was not really our intention after all, as the sun was shining and better weather than predicted, however, we missed the junction to take that route so I was very disappointed and Tony was very happy as he had a shorter drive and didn’t have to do any sightseeing! A conflict between the old satnav and a new road junction, which inevitably caused a conflict between me and Tony!
We still managed to drive another 342 miles (Alan and Gloria I bet you wish you were with us!) and have arrived at a campsite on Lake Chiemsee, about halfway between Munich and Salzburg at the foot of the German Alps.

Today we are heading for Lake Bled in Slovenia.

One thought on “Drive to Croatia

  1. John & Diane September 10, 2013 / 7:44 am

    Looks great shame about the poor Internet
    But I will keep a look out every day for updates


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