Drive to Trogir and Krka National Park

Unfortunately, last night we ran out of our daily data allowance that we are given with our Europa Sim card, so could not post yesterday’s blog until this morning! We were going to tell you that we got carried away drinking the beer we had bought in Lidl’s, 10 KN (just over a £1) for 2 litres, it was very nice!

So yesterday we woke up to glorious sunshine and decided to head for Krka National Park as we are effectively one day ahead of our itinerary. We drove along the North Dalmation coast and the scenery was not as dramatic as in Kvarner but still beautiful. As we followed the coast road we passed through some lovely coastal towns, Biograd and Marina stick out in our minds and would say that this part of the Croatian coast between Zadar and Trogir, where we have now arrived for the next couple of days, is a boat owners delight, whether it be sailing or motor, there is so much to explore, the fabulous waters around the Kornati Islands, the gorgeous little harbours and marinas that are dotted around the coastline, just wonderful! With each bend in the road that we took the scenery changed in front of us as we followed the coast, then headed off slightly inland to the Krka National Park.

The Krka National Park consists of the 72.5km Krka River and its waterfalls. The river water has created a canyon through limestone hills, bringing calcium carbonate with it. Mosses and algae retain the calcium carbonate and encrust it in their roots. The material is called tufa and is formed by billions of plants growing on top of one another. These growths create barriers in the river that produce amazing waterfalls as you can see from the photos! We did cross over the Krka River before we turned off the coast road and stopped to take some photos, it is very wide and we saw plenty of large sailing boats.

We only did the Skradinski Buk which is the longest waterfall in the park and is viewed by a network of trails and bridges. First of all we walked down a very steep path for about 850m to get to the start of the trail which is then about 2km long and takes about an hour to walk. Really pleasant setting through woods on a boardwalk with lots of small waterfalls and streams to admire on the way. When we did arrive at the bottom of the waterfall there were plenty of visitors swimming in the water and although we did take our swimwear with us, we weren’t too tempted to get in with them. After plenty of photo taking opportunities we walked back up the very steep track to the car park but we did have a thought about this as there were no other visitors walking and we had read in the guide book that the price of the entrance ticket included either a boat ride or a bus ride. When we first walked down we did ask if we could do a boat ride and the ticket office girl said it was extra, 100 KN (£12.50) so we didn’t pursue it.

When we reached the top, out of breath and all hot and sweaty (me) Tony asked one of the wardens if we could have caught a bus back and he said “of course”.

We got back to the van to find a lovely big stick insect on my door handle.


We then continued our ride to Trogir as we had decided to stay there rather than camp near the park and enjoy a day at the beach today. The drive along the coast again was just wonderful and we are now camped in probably our best campsite yet, camping Razac on the island of Ciovo at the back of Trogir, a tiny town set within medieval walls, which we will walk to later today after a lazy day on the beach.


4 thoughts on “Drive to Trogir and Krka National Park

  1. Su and Ron September 21, 2013 / 10:04 am

    Hi Tony and Rosie =Yes we’ve made contact at last – and read all the past few days info with the great photos – Well done Rosie for sorting the keys, money, directions etc and Tony for bamboozling everyone – that’s just what an Englishman abroad does best. -love and hugs Su and Ron xx


    • rosiepike September 22, 2013 / 8:03 pm

      Hi Su & Ron, you would really love a sailing holiday out here you should look into it! It really is a fabulous coastline with loads of islands. xx


  2. Penny September 21, 2013 / 9:10 pm

    The Waterfall area looks absolutely gorgeous What a beautiful country Croatia is. I double clicked Tony What a handsome fella !!!! John says Hi Golf is going very well . You both look really well XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    • rosiepike September 22, 2013 / 8:05 pm

      It really is amazing Penny, the scenery is stunning and it just keeps changing every time we move on!


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