Trogir & Drive to Split

Well I can’t think of a better way to start a Sunday morning than to eat breakfast outside in the sun at a lovely café along the waterside in Trogir.  The old town of Trogir is amazing, it occupies a tiny island in the narrow channel between Ciovo Island and the mainland, set within medieval walls and is a warren of narrow streets, a collection of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture, it is also full of restaurants and shops but still manages to maintain its old charm, so no wonder it earned World Heritage status in 1997.  The front of Trogir is a  wide promenade that is lined with bars and cafes and luxurious yachts.  It really is a treasure and a must to visit.

After Trogir we ventured back along the coastal road to Split and are now camped at Camping Strobec just south of Split and luckily for us have managed to get a pitch with direct beach access so have a lovely view too! We took advantage of this and soaked up some sun and did some reading then ventured by bike into Split, just to see how we could get there by bike as we plan to spend the day in Split tomorrow. We did manage it, it was a bit up and down and takes about an hour each way to cycle it. However, we have decided to catch the bus into Split tomorrow! We stopped for a beer just outside the walls of the Diocletian’s Palace which looks fabulous and can’t wait to visit it. On our way back we had to walk up a very steep hill just as the sun was setting and I noticed our silhouettes reflected on a white wall, so I took a photo of us pushing our bikes up the hill!

We have only eaten out three times and mostly the food has been OK but nothing special, however the venues have been lovely. Tony has been BBQ-ing after shopping at his beloved Lidl that seem to be in every town, by far the most popular supermarket but even he has to admit that the burgers we had from there tonight were gross! I am not letting him choose the meat anymore, I could tell by looking at them when he suggested we buy them that they were not going to be good!.

Earlier at the site Tony had to take this photo to show the comparison of our van compared to the one next to us which is almost the size of a double decker bus but generally, they are all bigger than ours. Tony looks around each site in awe of all the motor homes, these Continentals certainly know how to camp!


Signing off now because Tony has finished the washing up!

2 thoughts on “Trogir & Drive to Split

  1. Alan and gloria September 22, 2013 / 8:29 pm

    Looks like a lovely place. The silhouette photo is very good, a nice touch. Weather looks super too. Come on Tony Lidl, anyone would think you put ketchup on all your food so you can’t taste it.


  2. John & Diane September 22, 2013 / 9:15 pm

    Hi, Bigger may not be better ? Would Tony swap his van
    I would think the enormous van need to tow a fuel bowser?
    The whole trip looks brilliant and I wish more and more that I was there as you show us more of the country.
    John & Diane


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