Bol Town – Brac Island

An amazingly hot day today, no wind and quite sultry with black clouds hanging over the mountains threatening rain but we have been surrounded in sunshine all day.

We decided to find a beach east of the town near to the Dominican Monastery Museum as we had not explored that area. The beach was lovely, pebbly, as is renowned for Croatia but the sea is just crystal clear and just great for a swim or to cool off in.

The walk back to town was hot so we stopped for a beer along the front and did a spot of people watching, trying to guess the nationalities of those walking by. Well, we saw an old couple wearing complete ‘alpine’ walking gear, rolled up shorts, socks, boots, sunhat, backpack and hiking sticks. We thought they must have been doing an Island hike when they promptly sat down in the next ice-cream parlour along from us and Tony piped up and said “Austrians, don’t leave their cars without their walking sticks” which at the time was really funny (you had to be there!). We guessed them to be Austrian!

Bol Town has a really nice feel to it. It reminded us a bit of a Cornish fishing village. We can imagine it would be absolutely buzzing in the high season, lots of outside bars and restaurants and somewhere you could easily spend a week.

As previously mentioned the Island is famous for the white stone and as you explore, there are lots of examples in various sculptures. Below is a sample of a few we have found.

Also, as previously mentioned the campsite is rather very basic but we have decided to chance it tonight and sample the rustic charm of the on-site so called ‘restaurant’, a small courtyard set between the showers, toilets and kitchen! I have ordered the fresh fish and Tony is playing safe with spaghetti!

We will let you know how our tummies are tomorrow as we head on our journey to Dubrovnik.

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