Drive from Lake Constance to Paris via Strasbourg

We left Lake Constance yesterday morning to drive to Strasbourg. It was difficult to tell the difference between the lake and the sky as it all looked the same due to the low cloud and mist on the lake. Lake Constance looks a great place to explore, at least a week there would be good. The drive from the northern tip of Lake Constance to Freiburg is really lovely, it didn’t feel as if we had climbed particularly high but we snaked our way down a very steep valley into Freiburg.

We arrived late afternoon at Camping de la Montague Verte, which is situated very close to the centre of Strasbourg and caught the tram into the centre. We have visited Strasbourg before and it really is a great city to explore and would be an ideal location for a weekend city break. The centre is very old and quaint with lots of restaurants, bars and shopping. Of course, there is also the wonderful Cathedral and the canals that circumnavigate the old city. There are some great but pricey bars on boats along the canal.

We had a wander through the centre but were really on a mission to find a restaurant that we had eaten at 2 years ago as it had a great ambience and the best beer Tony has ever tasted! We had no problem finding it, checked that it would be open later and headed back to the inner sanctum of the centre for a beer or two.


Strasbourg is a very ‘young’ city in that it is full of students, not a problem at all but it has the tendency to make me feel old! Everyone seems to travel around the city using their bikes and there are numerous cycle routes in and out. I hope it is safe to cycle in Strasbourg but judging by some of the cyclists last night, I am not so sure; no lights on the bikes and just crossing red lights if the traffic is free! Probably just like any other city.

We had a good meal back at “Restaurant La Victoire”, Tony had his beer and I noticed a diner who looked very similar to a person who had fallen asleep and that we had taken a photo of the last time we visited. I need Alan and Gloria to confirm for me! We had to walk along a very dark path that ran from the main road and around the outside of the campsite, a bit spooky at 10.00 pm and no lights but we made it safely back!

I had to pay a visit to the washrooms at the campsite before bed and it would appear that Tony is not the only one with a shortage of clean pants as I saw these hanging on the radiator in the ladies washrooms and they are not Tony’s!


This morning we headed for Paris to spend the weekend with “friends & neighbours”, namely Liz, who lives in Paris and Tony and Miriam, who live in our road! The only downside was having to pay over €50 in tolls for using the motorways to save time and if that wasn’t bad enough, we had to queue at the two peages for 15 minutes each juggling for positions in the queue as only two pay booths out of about ten were open for cash and credit card users only, i.e. all us foreigners!

We have driven most of the day but are now camped at Camping Indigo, Bois de Boulogne, Paris and looking forward to a social weekend. At least we don’t have to talk about our trip as hopefully they have all been reading this blog!

5 thoughts on “Drive from Lake Constance to Paris via Strasbourg

  1. john and carol October 3, 2013 / 8:08 pm

    I see you have arrived in the centre of europe (home of the european parliament ,the european court of human rights etc) but have not had time to visit these great institutions.I reckon those pants probably belong to Nigel Farage as he has nothing better to do in the european parliament.Have a good weekend in paris although i suspect tony will still be depressed about his toll expenditure


  2. Alan and gloria October 3, 2013 / 10:20 pm

    I am sure you will find pants on show for the remainder of your journey across Europe. I expect it is an international display of solidarity for the new ‘king of the Pants’ tony.


  3. liz October 3, 2013 / 10:49 pm

    Thank you guys for the Prosseco at your Parisian location! love it!!
    Tony seems to be over the toll thing, I’m sure we’ll find some other typical French stuff to anoy him in the coming couple of days!!! 😉
    I forgot to mention… they sell pants at the market… 😉 see you in the morning, xxxx


    • rosiepike October 4, 2013 / 12:41 pm

      Thanks for taking us to the market Liz. Tony now has 5 new pairs of underpants!


  4. Penny October 4, 2013 / 4:32 pm

    I will look forward to seeing your washing on the line Rose with all of Tonys lovely new underpants !!! enjoy the weekend xx


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