Sitges & the Hunt for Paddy’s Bar!

Beautiful day which started off well with a game of tennis, well at least for Tony, because he thrashed me! He was only getting me back for thrashing him at cards the other night.

We ventured into Sitges and managed to get parked along the seafront. Made some lunch and took it outside to eat on a bench. We were really enjoying the experience when a dog came sniffing around us and licked out of Tony’s mug which he had left on the floor!

We walked along the seafront to the Church and then explored the old town in search of the hotel I had stayed at with my Mum, Dad and brother Terry, in 1968 and Paddy’s Bar. It was a real trip down memory lane for me although it has changed quite a lot in the past 46 years. The old town is really quite quaint, narrow streets with plenty of bars and restaurants and the same along the seafront. I think we found where the hotel used to be but now appears to be apartments. Our search for Paddy’s Bar was proving quite difficult and we were almost on the verge of giving up when we stumbled across it!

We strolled back to the van and spent an hour on the beach soaking up the sun and relaxing. We then took a quick look into the nearest town to where we are staying, Vilanova i la Geltru, it was quite busy but after shopping in Lidl we came straight back out again and headed back to the campsite, Vilanova Park, which I have to say, is really excellent. Loads of facilities, good pitches and reasonably priced at €17 per night but it is so huge that even though I sent Tony off with a map to find the Reception to book the tennis this morning, he walked past the same van twice and had to ask the way!

Our Autocruise Quartet is performing well although we have to juggle for space from time to time, we are getting back into the swing of things after being out of it since our Croatian trip. The heating is keeping us warm because it has been a bit chilly at night.

We are off on our travels again tomorrow, not sure where we will end up but will be doing a bit of planning tonight, think we will aim for another campsite rather than an Aire because we are using our ACSI discount card which although we paid an annual fee of £23 for it, we only have to pay between €14 and €18 depending on the quality of the site.

6 thoughts on “Sitges & the Hunt for Paddy’s Bar!

  1. liz February 24, 2014 / 9:05 pm

    very nice pictures Rosie, glad you found Paddy’s bar!!! 😉 enjoy the sun and beware of the spanish dogs …


  2. Alan and gloria February 24, 2014 / 9:31 pm

    OK come on then, let on. An auto cruise quartet, have you really dragged along a four piece orchestra to seranade you in the evenings. Sitges looks lovely, as does the weather. How did you manage to find a Lidl in the gay capital of Spain? X


    • rosiepike February 24, 2014 / 10:31 pm

      This blog is also for other motorhome owners who may be interested in reading about the type of van we have (according to Tony!). Your comment made me laugh. Tony can sniff out a Lidl anywhere!


  3. Penny February 25, 2014 / 7:47 pm

    Hi there Just catching up with your Blog after my return from Manchester It all sounds so good and great to catch up with your old haunts and find Paddys Bar and a LIDL xxxx


  4. Sam Lane March 11, 2014 / 10:38 pm

    My favourite pics so far. Love the fact you went looking for a place from 46 years ago, that’s so the sort of thing I like to do!!


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