A Wild Goose Chase?

Today we were hoping to purchase the replacement tool that we lost yesterday and enables us to store the spare wheel in its carrier beneath the van. We thought the most likely town to find a suitable Peugeot dealer would be in Alicante, so headed south. On the way we kept our eyes open and came across a Citroen dealer as they use the same tool and decided to give it a go. We spoke to the Spare Parts department, taking in the handbook in order to point to the appropriate tool. The man was very helpful and we managed to decipher what was needed however it was not in stock and had to be ordered from Madrid and would arrive tomorrow. We thought it would be better to continue our search in Alicante as we had searched the Internet last night and found a couple of Peugeot garages. So off we set again but not sure of the complete address just a vague idea and put this into the Tom Tom. We passed Benidorm which looked very much like Canary Wharf from a distance, so many tall buildings including one not quite complete but basically looked like an arch. (Don’t forget to click on the images to get the full picture!)

We arrived in Alicante and followed the sat nav for about 7 miles before we were able to turn around after realising we were probably heading in the wrong direction. We retraced our steps and arrived at the Peugeot garage at 2.10 pm and as everyone knows 1.30 to 4.30 is siesta time, so of course the garage was closed! We recollected our thoughts at the nearest McDonalds, studied the internet again and found a promising looking garage in Murcia, which was en-route to our next destination. Arriving just after siesta went straight to the parts department, managed to explain the part needed but ‘no can do’ not in stock. However the guy did phone other garages for us but still no part available.

Not to be defeated, we walked through the showroom and confronted the commercial sales person, who spoke no English and had a problem understanding what we were asking for. It became a challenge to him after Tony brought the box in containing all the wheel changing kit showing the man the space in the box where the tool should be so he phoned his one and only English speaking colleague who then spoke to Tony but that only confused matters even more! There came a promise that he would come in 5 minutes to help and help he did, by persuading the sales man to cannibalise one of his new motors by removing the said tool and selling it to us, which up until then they hadn’t really understood what we wanted.

Eventually, after an hour we came away triumphant after what started as a wild goose chase ended in success! It was now 5.45 pm and we still had another hour’s driving to our chosen campsite at Aguilas and another night arrived with the gate closed and we had to knock them up to let us in!

We had a pleasant drive and still managed to enjoy the journey and are now looking forward to starting our holiday properly tomorrow as we are pretty much in southern Spain with no more long driving days until we head home!

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