Ten kilometres of white sandy beaches, unspoilt countryside and some of the best windsurfing conditions in Europe have established Tarifa as a true surfers paradise. Just 11 km across the Straits of Gibraltar at its narrowest point, this southern-most tip of Europe where the Med meets the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys spectacular views of the Rif mountains of Africa across the water.

We woke up today only 15km from the coast of Africa, took a walk onto the beach, well we couldn’t quite get onto the beach as the bridge that crosses the river from the campsite falls short of about 6ft and we didn’t feel like a paddle at 8.30 am in the morning!

We walked around the town of Tarifa, through the narrow cobbled streets and to the wonderful church of San Mateo, took a look inside, a beautiful late gothic church with elegant rib vaulting in the nave and some interesting modern stained glass windows.

Yesterday, we decided to skip a trip to Gibraltar as it didn’t really appeal to us but we would have liked to have seen it, however our journey to Tarifa from Ronda lacked visibility so today we backtracked about 10km just to take a photo of the Rock! Although it wasn’t the clearest of days, we did get a photo!

On the hills behind Tarifa are hundreds of wind turbines generating enough power for a small town. It is one of the largest wind farms in Europe.

When we dropped down to Gibralter yesterday and towards the Atlantic coast, we noticed that the countryside has taken on a very fresh green look just like an English Spring. The campsites are made up of grass pitches just the same as in England but so different to the Mediterranean ones. It is now 7.00 pm and we are BBQ-ing in the daylight, my washing is hanging out and now smells of smoke!

We have moved campsites today but only about 3kms further up the road as this one has a tennis court which we have used and is €6 cheaper!

Tomorrow we will continue on our journey up the The Costa de la Luz ‘Coast of Light’ for another 30km, en-route to Cadiz.

2 thoughts on “Tarifa

  1. john and carol March 4, 2014 / 5:48 pm

    Looks very nice. Look out for Brendan from Coach Trip as they seem to be following your route this week John and Carol

    Liked by 1 person

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