Slumming it on Costa de la Luz!

We decided that for the next couple of days we would spend our nights on Spanish Aires (car parks for motorhomes). We left El Puerto de Santa Maria and headed north for our overnight stops at Sanlucar de Barrameda.

On the way we called in at a town called Rota, which looks lovely I have to say and we followed our noses to the beach and the lighthouse ignoring the Tom Tom that we had set for the town centre. However we did follow the Tom Tom instructions on our way out of the town but had forgotten that we had set it for the town centre and that is where it took us next. Luckily for us our van is not huge but had we been any bigger we would not have been able to negotiate the narrow lanes and got stuck. We did get some curious looks from the locals, however, it was a great way to see the town as it took us in a complete circle back to the lighthouse!

We continued along the coast and called in at Costa Ballena which basically has a lovely beach, a golf course and hundreds of holiday apartments, purely a holiday resort with no character!

Further along we called in at Chiplona, which Tony kept calling chipolata and where we did find the port but were unable to park easily and did not want to repeat the same mistake of driving through the old town centre so came away and headed straight for Sanlucar de Barrameda.

After searching for a Lidl, which much to Tony’s disgust, we couldn’t find we did some shopping in another supermarket and headed for the Aire.

Sanlucar de Barrameda is flanked by the Guadalquivar estuary. The speciality tipple here is the distinctive manzanilla wine, which acquires its, dry, slightly salted tang from the seaside environment and the moist poneite wind (history taken from the internet).

The Aire is situated in a huge car park facing the estuary. We spent the afternoon on the estuary beach, which is lovely and are going to walk into the town as we have heard there is a carnival tonight and tomorrow! We are a bit perturbed that they have just erected a huge bouncy castle with a slide in the Aire, so we will let you know tomorrow how we slept through it all!

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