Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is the home and heartland of Sherry and Jerez’s biggest attractions are the great sherry bodegas located in the heart of the town.

Not wanting to get caught on any narrow streets, we parked outside the main town and walked in but could not get our bearings right with the map so ended up walking in the wrong direction before stopping a local, saying aqui? and pointing to the map in the hope that he would understand that we were lost and needed to know exactly where we were on the map so that we could follow a route into the town and back out to the van!

We eventually fathomed out where we were only to be accosted by another Spanish local who then proceeded to give us a running commentary in Spanish on the church we were stood outside and about flamenco (I know this because it was the only word I understood!). We managed to shake him off and continued on our walk through the town to the Convento de Santa Domingo and whilst I was inside the church the second Spaniard found Tony again and continued talking to him! Some people might say he was getting his comeuppance!

We were following a marked route but Tony had the map so I won’t go into details but we didn’t quite do all that I wanted to as we missed the El Alcazar and started heading back to the van! Let’s just call it a misunderstanding and something to be saved for another time!

We had been told about an Aire just outside Seville that was in a Marina and we would be able to catch the bus from there into Seville. We put in the coordinates to the Tom Tom that Tony had been given but the final destination didn’t look quite right. Luckily Tony had written down the name of the town where the Aire was located and we put that in the Tom Tom and headed for Seville. We found the town but it took a bit of navigating to find the actual Marina and we are here now parked in the Marina with the river behind us and more campervans than I think the book says it will hold! At least we are back on electric and have somewhere to empty the waste and take on fresh water again!

Looking forward to Seville tomorrow assuming we catch the right bus!

One thought on “Jerez de la Frontera

  1. john and carol March 9, 2014 / 8:03 pm

    Could you bring us back a bodega of sherry as carol puts so much in the trifles that we would soo use it


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