The West Loch Lomond Cycle Path

Yesterday we said goodbye to Jill and Kevin who were working their way back to Yorkshire in order to return their hired campervan.

As we were staying another day and the weather was looking okay for a bike ride we decided to cycle the West Loch Lomond Cycle Path. The cycleway is 17 miles long and runs from Tarbet in the north to Balloch in the South passing through the village of Luss. We stopped off at Luss, a very quaint village with lovely restored traditional cottages, a very good village shop that sold everything from gifts and groceries to takeaway food.

We continued on to Balloch past Duck Bay and spotted a sea plane landing on the Loch which then appeared to stop at The De Vere Cameron House Hotel, probably dropping off some wealthy guests. We stopped off at the Loch Lomond Shores National Park Gateway Centre. Here you will find a shopping centre, a sealife centre and places to eat. We took a break there and asked if it was possible to catch a water bus back to Tabart but apparently these don’t start running until June, so back on the bikes it was for us for the return 17 mile journey, there was no boatabarabus! (Private joke that Miriam and Liz will understand).

Most of the path is off road but quite a lot of it also runs alongside the main A82 which can be busy and not so enjoyable to be cycling beside. We found that the best part was between Tarbet and Luss and for us it was the most picturesque and used the old road as a part of the route. Apparently it is possible to catch the train back from either Tarbet or Balloch depending on where you start your journey.

Again yesterday, the weather had been good to us, not as sunny as the past week and we did have to shelter once under some trees during quite a heavy shower of rain and to top it all a rainbow has just appeared over the Loch.
We hadn’t been bothered by midges up until yesterday, in fact I had more bites at the beginning when we were in Dorset. However, being beside a loch is not the best place to be at the moment!

Yesterday was the last day of our trip to Scotland and today we got up early to start our drive home. We have driven 1,400 miles and it has been a fabulous trip to Scotland, we have enjoyed the company of our friends Jill and Kevin and I have even learnt a few more bird names but I have not been converted to being a bird watcher and probably never will! The Isle of Mull was really brilliant and I would like to return back there again one day but not before I have explored more of what Scotland has to offer. I can’t wait!

The Internet reception has been a bit hit and miss, hence not being able to post each day, must be all the mountains!

4 thoughts on “The West Loch Lomond Cycle Path

  1. liz May 28, 2014 / 6:39 am

    seems like there a space to open one of them then!!! 😉


  2. Les & Dave May 29, 2014 / 3:23 pm

    Bitterly disappointed,not a single mention of Lidl this trip. !!!


    • Rosie Pike May 29, 2014 / 3:26 pm

      Not as disappointed as Tony mot to find one! X


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