Stags Fell & Hardraw

Today, we set off for about an 8 mile walk from the campsite. There is a rather large hill that we can see from the campsite called Stags Fell and we headed towards this, although the boys, when asked, denied that we would be climbing it! Needless to say we did climb up to the top and it was well worth the climb to take in the views and good photo and coffee break opportunities.


We walked along the top of the ridge then down our namesake, Pike Hill, to a road well used by the Tour de France.

We stopped here for lunch then made our way down to the village of Hardraw, stopped at the Green Dragon pub, a unique and quirky pub which had two roaring fires on the go (in August)! From here you can buy a ticket for £2.50 each to walk to the Hardraw Force waterfall which we decided to save for another day.

We then walked back to the campsite across some fields picking up the River Ure on our way.

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