Hawes & Drive Through the Dales

We walked into the small town of Hawes. Hawes was on the main route of the Tour de France and there is still plenty of evidence of this event; bunting and, peculiarly, lots of bikes hung up on the outside of buildings, mostly painted white with red spots and in fact white with red spots appeared to be the decor for the whole town. This is because the stretch of Tour de France route around Hawes and over the Buttertubs is known as ‘The King of the Mountain’ section and the cyclist who wins this timed event gets to wear a white jersey with red spots.

We passed by the Wensleydale Cheese Creamery then continued up the hill to the small hamlet of Gayle and past the Mill at Gayle.


We continued along the road above Hawes before dropping back down into the town, finding a pub and stopping for a beer!

In the later part of the afternoon the weather really brightened up so we ventured out in the car to explore a bit more of the area and see it with the sun shining as the forecast for the next couple of days was wind and rain.

We drove up and over the Buttertubs, the big hill climb for the King of the Mountain leg of the race and with lots of good wishes messages painted on the road for the cyclists and one that said ‘Ou est Wiggo?’ The scenery was really stunning and we headed on down to Muker and into Swaledale, following the River Swale and into Reeth, where all the bikes turned from white with red spots to yellow!

We continued on a circular route back to Hawes, stopping to take more photos of the stunning scenery looking back to Swaledale and the moors carpeted in beautiful heathers.

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