Aysgarth Falls

The forecast for today was bright in the morning but heavy rain moving in around lunchtime so we went and had a look at Aysgarth falls. There are three falls to look at, higher, middle and lower so from the car park we followed a path to take in the middle and lower falls and then make our way back up to the higher falls at the end of the walk.

The path is very well made up and there are a couple of viewing points to get close to the falls and take some pictures.

After we had reached the lower falls we took a small circular route walk back across some fields and through a wood that brought us back to the car park again. By this time it was raining hard so stopped for lunch in the campervan before venturing to take a look at the higher falls. The rain persisted and got a lot heavier so we gave the higher falls and miss headed back to the campsite.

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