We left Alicante and headed north for Benicarlo further up the coast and decided to do some of the journey inland and visit the pretty town of Guadalest but before I tell you about Guadalest, I want to let fellow campervan travellers know about an Aire that we came across very close to El Jardin campsite that charges €9 a day.  Check out their website for more details

Guadalest is one of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions, it is set high up on a pinnacle and carved out of a mountain top. The castle village, which is reached through a tunnel, has many little craft and souvenir shops, several cafés and museums. You can take a tour around the inside of the castle and the ramparts.  The views are stunning  from the village down the valleys and over a turquoise reservoir below.  (Apparently you can see down the valley as far as to the sea but not when we visited due to the weather!)

We continued our drive through the mountains as far as Alcoy then picked up the main road to Benicarlo and have stayed overnight at camping Alegria del Mar, a well kept campsite with clean facilities and very close to the beach.

Due to the inclement weather we will continue our journey north today as we plan to spend a couple of days in Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “Guadalest

  1. Peter and Nia March 20, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    Looks fantastic. Is that your campervan perched on one of the rock pinnacles in the distance? Nice driving Tony!!


  2. Alan and Gloria March 21, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    Where did you get all the people from? Have they all turned up here for photos or have you been hiding them?
    We must know, ukip now think they are all working in UK, but if they are hiding behind Tony for photo we must know.
    By the way, rugby great today and wine here is very good, so please disregard previous Mail about Benidorm and virginity loss. Xxx


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