Tintagel, an Air Rescue and a Birthday Celebration!

On Friday, we arrived at our campsite for the next week, Trewethett Farm, Trethevy, Tintagel.  The campsite is set on the clifftop overlooking the sea between Tintagel and Boscastle, so plenty of opportunities for some good coastal walks.

We met up with Mick & Jill, who are also staying on the site and Keith & Sue who are staying in a hotel in Tintagel for the Bank Holiday weekend.  The boys decided to walk into Tintagel with Molly, whilst the girls drove and arranged to meet them later.

We walked to King Arthur’s Castle ruins and waited to meet the boys as they came down the coastal path.  Whilst waiting, a rescue helicopter flew above us and landed on the clifftop in the direction of where we expected the boys to arrive from.  This event had us all feeling a bit concerned as we all realised that someone was in difficulty and we were hoping it wasn’t Tony, Mick or Keith so we headed along the coast path in the same direction.  Much to our relief we were told that it was a lady who had possibly broken her leg and they had closed the coast path whilst the rescue took place.  We watched the rescue and could see the boys in the distance also watching the rescue and waiting for the path to reopen.

We all walked back into the small town of Tintagel and stopped off for a drink, had to be a Cornish cider for me, before heading back to the campsite to get ready for an evening meal out in Boscastle to celebrate Jill’s Birthday.

Jill's Birthday Meal
Jill’s Birthday Meal

One thought on “Tintagel, an Air Rescue and a Birthday Celebration!

  1. john and carol May 25, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    What is the weather like.molly must be the dog.john and carol


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