Rocky Valley

We made the short but very pretty walk from the campsite to Rocky Valley.

The Valley is carved by the Trevillett River and the footpath follows the river as it meanders down the valley to the sea, passing through beautiful and dramatic scenery on its way.  Starting as mature woodland, the charming sylvan landscape changes quickly to moorland before it gives way to the angular and spectacular slate that gives the valley its name. At their highest point the slate canyon walls tower over seventy feet above the river below.

Rocky Valley was mentioned in travel books as a place of exceptional beauty as early as 1897. The valley is owned by the National Trust, is home to 161 different species of moss and the derelict Trevethy Mill, used in the eighteenth century to manufacture woollen textiles.

This is our last night in Cornwall as we will be heading back home tomorrow so we are returning to the Napolean Inn in Boscastle for some local beer and very good food!  Mick & Jill will be staying in Cornwall another week and will be leaving for Mullion tomorrow.  We have had a fabulous time, the weather has been fairly good, good enough to do all the spectacular walks and experience some wonderful sunsets from our camping pitch.



2 thoughts on “Rocky Valley

  1. John Lockyer May 30, 2015 / 5:33 pm

    The font of all knowledge has been defeated!.What is a sylvan landscape?


  2. Rosie Pike May 30, 2015 / 9:20 pm

    Sylvan landscape = wood or forest. Clearly depicted in the photos!


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