Greatstone, Dungeness & Hastings

After a glorious morning at the campsite we took a slow amble back home following the coast all the way to Hastings.  Our first port of call was to the beach at Greatstone, a flat sandy beach that stretches for about 2 miles and very popular with a whole range of sports that use the wind, including land yachting, something Tony wanted to see and one day, have a go at.  We were lucky enough to find some land yachting taking place at the time of our visit.

We then moved along to Dungeness, an area dominated by two nuclear power stations, one currently being decommissioned, two lighthouses (the Old Lighthouse, opened by His Majesty, The Prince of Wales, later George V, in 1904 and open to the public during the summer months) and the current lighthouse built in 1961 and is at the end of the line for the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.

There is a scattered collection of dwellings; some of the homes, small wooden houses in the main, many built around old railway coaches are owned and occupied by fishermen. The shack-like properties have a high value on the property market. Perhaps the most famous house is Prospect Cottage, formerly owned by the late artist and film director Derek Jarman. The cottage garden was made by arranging flotsam washed up nearby, interspersed with endemic salt-loving beach plants, both set against the bright shingle.

Our final stop off point was for lunch along the seafront at Hastings.  We stopped at the quieter western end of Hastings,West St Leonards, avoiding the more touristy area around Hastings Pier and Harbour.

One thought on “Greatstone, Dungeness & Hastings

  1. Peter and Nia June 8, 2015 / 4:49 am

    Can you ask Tony to pop up to Cumbria…..we need some help with the grass…
    Peter and Nia

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