Lydd to Rye Cycle Ride

We drove to Lydd, parked up and cycled from Lydd to Rye following the National Cycle Route 2.  The cycle path is mainly off road, apart from the ride through Camber, is really flat and takes you across Romney Marsh, passing several lakes.  It is a really easy route to follow and extremely pleasant.

We stopped off at Broomhill Sands and watched the kite surfers enjoy the very windy conditions whilst avoiding the heavy machinery working on the beach as part of the coastal defence scheme.

Rye began life as a fort town in the 13th century based around what is now Ypres Tower. The French burned down the town in 1377. In those days it was Rye-on-Sea and the town was a strategic port, one of the famous Cinque Ports of medieval times, though it didn’t sink so much as see its river silt up so much it started to grow new land. The town’s now two miles from the sea across a flat marsh.

On arrival at Rye we parked our bikes along the harbour and walked up into the extremely pretty old town and took a peek inside the 12th century church of St Mary the Virgin. There is a bell tower that you can climb, offering the best views, however, we didn’t do that this time and continued our walk through the quaint streets and watched the town crier announce the celebration of a newly married couple whilst leading the wedding party through the streets and ringing his bell.

We walked back down to the harbour and ate our lunch in the sunshine before heading back to Lydd.  A total of 18 miles, 9 of them into a strong headwind!

Back at the campsite, we enjoyed the late afternoon sun and a BBQ.

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