Cycle Ride to Sete

Today we cycled into Sete a 25 mile round trip. There is a super, mostly off road, cycle path that runs along behind the wonderful stretch of beach from Marseillen Plage to Sete.

Sete is France’s largest Mediterranean fishing port and that explains why there are so many huge fishing boats in the harbour with even more boats attached to them! Sete has a network of canals that give it its local nickname of the “Little Venice of Languedoc” and there are plenty of seafood restaurants that run along the edges of the canals.

We walked and cycled around Sete before heading back to Marseillen Plage against a very blustery head on wind!

It is really windy here today with sunny spells and the sea is really quite rough but that did not deter us from taking a dip in the sea when we got back to the campsite to cool off. You could really feel the pull of the under current so we were very careful not to let our feet leave the sandy bottom and enjoyed the torrent of waves that knocked us about.

Tomorrow we plan to head for Aigues Mortes for a walk along its ramparts.

2 thoughts on “Cycle Ride to Sete

  1. liz September 16, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    the wind is HENRY.. a tordano tail from accross the Atlantic, Lyon was under 120 KM/H wind today! glad you’re safe!! xoxo


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