The Camargue – Arles & Port St-Louis-du-Rhone

This morning, (Saturday) we left Stes Maries de la Mer and visited the lovely town of Arles which sits on the banks of the Grand Rhone. There are plenty of Roman sights that remain in Arles including Les Arenas, the arch-laced circular structure, once used for Roman gladiatorial displays, Theatre Antique, the amphitheatre still used for alfresco concerts and plays, Place du Forum, where beneath your feet are Cryptoportiques, buried arcades, and the Thermes de Constantin, Roman baths. Arles is also the town where Vincent Van Gogh painted over 200 canvases and there is a Van Gough walking tour and the Foundation Vincent Van Gogh that houses exhibits and a collection of modern-day artists.

To me Arles had a very rusitc and bohemian feel to it, a really lovely town to stroll around.

After shopping for some essential provisions, fresh milk (for Tony) and wine (for me), we drove to Port St-Louis-du-Rhone, continuing through as far south as we could go until we hit Plage de Napoleon where it is possible to drive onto the beach and although overnight camping is forbidden, it looked as though some of them staying overnight.

DSCN6517 (640x472)
Plage de Napoleon

This beach is also very popular for horse riding and there was plenty of that going on today. It looked as though even private horse owners bring their horses down here in their horse boxes for a gallop through the surf and there is also a riding school set up on the beach.

We stopped here for a couple of hours before heading off to our next overnight stop at Carro. The aire was very busy on the seafront at Carro filled with huge Super Motorhomes so after helping ourselves to some fresh water we slunk away to a free car park with a couple of other vans situated just back from the beach. Let you know in the morning if we get moved on!

3 thoughts on “The Camargue – Arles & Port St-Louis-du-Rhone

  1. Peter and Nia September 19, 2015 / 8:31 pm

    Is that Tony kneeling on the white charger? He’s always showing off.


  2. John & Diane September 21, 2015 / 8:55 am

    Hi Rose/Tony
    All looks very nice and the weather looks good as well.
    Keep up the blogs, thought I better make a comment to prove I am avidly following
    every edition.
    So did you get moved on??

    John & Diane .


    • Rosie Pike September 21, 2015 / 7:22 pm

      Hi John & Diane, pleased you are following us. No, we didn’t get moved on and are enjoying the Aires (and car parks) more than the campsites! Weather lovely. x


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