Gassin & Port Grimaud

We spent our last couple of hours on the beach at Pampleonne before packing up and heading further east along the coast with the intention of staying at a campsite close to Port Grimaud.

We stopped on the way to have a walk around the small and quaint hilltop village of Gassin with its narrow streets and splendid panoramic view of the St-Tropez bay and its peninsula, passing the numerous vineyards on the way. The countryside is really rustic and full of vineyards in this area, very scenic.

After our visit to Gassin we called in at Port Grimaud, parking in the Aire on the main road without purchasing a ticket as we only planned on staying an hour or two and the ticket was for 24 hours. We walked back to the Port and to be totally honest I felt as if we had walked into an amusement park, not dissimilar to main street at Disneyland. It is rather picturesque with the colourful houses and waterways, perfect if you have a boat but doesn’t really have anything else to offer apart from plenty of restaurants, a 20 minute Port Grimaud boat tour and you can catch a boat from here over to St. Tropez. At the end of Port Grimaud there is a nice beach facing back down the Gulfe-de-St.Tropez .

When we got back to where we had parked the van we found a notice on our windscreen which basically says that we will receive a parking fine at home. C’est la vie!

We decided not to stay at Port Grimaud, not because of the parking fine but we felt we could move on further east as we had done what we wanted to do in the area. We continued a very slow drive heading east, the traffic was horrendous but at least it gave us plenty of time to take in the coastline and we weren’t responsible for holding everyone else up behind us as is usual!

We are now at Camping Les Cigalons, an ACSI site, just east of St Maxime. We were hoping to cycle into St Maxime tomorrow but there are no cycle paths along the main road and it is fairly busy so will probably continue moving east until we find somewhere we like to stop for a couple of days.

I’ve got to say that with me writing this blog, Tony is becoming rather domesticated, chores included BBQ-ing, washing up after dinner and squeezing the juice from some rough oranges he bought from Lidl to make us some juice for the morning. He now thinks he is a proper little housewife, if that is the case, he will be doing the washing and ironing tomorrow too!

Useful Info

If you happen to use an Aire to park even for a couple of hours, make sure you purchase a ticket if indicated to do so!

Camping Les Cigalons is a bit basic and there are no separate sanitary facilities for men and woman, you share everything!  Tonight, there is loud music being played from one of the beachside bars but we like what they are playing.

One thought on “Gassin & Port Grimaud

  1. Nia September 27, 2015 / 9:14 pm

    The hilltop village looks very pretty and picturesque.
    It can be busy along that coast but the coastline is very beautiful.
    Pleased to hear Tony is turning into a domestic goddess
    Have fun xxx


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