Moustiers Ste-Marie

Before we left the campsite we walked uphill to Moustiers Ste-Marie, dubbed ‘Etoile de Provence’ (Star of Provence), a long chain holding a shining gold star is stretched high above the village. We climbed the very steep rickety pathway made up of small boulders and loose stones made into steps that leads up to the Chapelle Notre Dame and Tony mentioned that this wasn’t the way the pathway had been described to him, he thought it would be much better. After reaching the top we could see that we had used the wrong path as there is a much better path the other side. We clearly missed the signs in the town! Luckily the path we had used still led you to the Chapel via a narrow ledge and views over the town and far into the distance to Lac de Ste-Croix.

We walked back down into the town using the correct pathway with a handrail and wandered through the pretty narrow streets. Moustiers Ste-Marie is a town not to be missed.

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