Angers & The Packard Bell Reunion

This post is way overdue by about 3 months!  The final leg of our journey before returning home was a detour to Angers in north-west France so that I could attend a Packard Bell Reunion.  I left Packard Bell in 2004 so it had been a while since I had got together with some of my old work colleagues.

Before the evening reunion we met up at a restaurant in Angers for lunch with some UK colleagues, most of whom had travelled from the UK, a couple who reside in France and one who had travelled from Australia.


The evening Reception was held in the musee Jean-Lurcat, previously  The Hopital Saint-Jean, dating from the 12th century. In 1865 a new hospital was built nearby and the hospital then became the city’s Antiquities Museum.  In 1967 the Chant du monde (The Song of the World) a series of ten tapestries by Jean Lurcat was added.

After an outdoor drinks reception we entered the museum for a lovely evening of catching up with ex-colleagues from all over the world, mostly Euorpe.

The following day we left Angers and headed home!

Another fabulous Campervan Travel completed and I am now planning the next one for April!


One thought on “Angers & The Packard Bell Reunion

  1. liz January 29, 2016 / 10:55 am

    great memories, both the PB experience and that day!! xx


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