The Trails of Irta

We picked up a cycling and walking route map from the tourist office, The Trails of Irta.  This map covers the Serra d’Irta mountain range and the coastline south of Peniscola. The PR.V-194 is a 26km circular route and there are also alternative shorter routes 

We set off in the morning and picked up the trail just outside Peniscola, a wide trail that does take cars as well but is very stoney and rutted in most places, making it a very bumpy ride, with a few concrete sections up the steep inclines!  We kept to the coastal route passing numerous small bays, Puerto Azul, Cala Ordi and Cala de l’Arjub where the path heads slightly inland before the steep climb up to the Badum Tower, used for centuries to keep watch for the Berber pirates who raided the villages on the western side of the peninsula.  After the tower, the trail snakes down to sea level again and we continued to the beautiful beach of Pebret and took a paddle to cool off our feet.  At Pebret beach are the remains of the customs officers’ headquarters who controlled smuggling on this sparsely populated stretch of coast up until the middle of the twentieth century.  It is a good stopover for a rest and there are picnic tables and benches overlooking the sea.  After Pebret the PR.V-194 trail heads inland towards the mountains and you can continue on this circular route back to Peniscola.  We continued south along the trail that continues to Alcosebbre hugging the unspoilt rugged coastline for about another mile or so before turning around and heading back the way we came.

We  cycled a total distance of 20.5 miles.

5 thoughts on “The Trails of Irta

  1. Su and Ron xx April 18, 2016 / 4:49 pm

    Well done – but Ron says ‘stop wearing tee shirts for the photo shoot- it can’t be that warm!


  2. penny lambourne April 19, 2016 / 6:11 pm

    It looks absolutely Fabulous and well done with all that cycling It makes my 6 miles ,every time iI golf, seem nothing ! It was really hot here today, and T shirt weather for golf.
    Alll fine with the house and garden xxx


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