We cycled into Sète and left our bikes padlocked to the railings by the port and walked to the Tourist Office and picked up a map as we wanted to walk to the top of Mont St Clair to take in the views of Sète and visit the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la- Salette that sits on top of the hill.   There are two ways to walk to the top, one to follow the road from the Port entrance that is very steep in places but occasionally meanders the hillside (the number 5 bus also takes this route) and the other is to go straight up Rue Paul Valery and keep going straight and then follow the steps up to the top.

Either way, the strain on the heart and legs, unless you take the bus, is well worth it, amazing panoramic views over Sète, the Etang de Thau; a large lagoon, and beyond as far as you can see eastwards along the coast.

The Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette was built in 1861 and inside are beautiful and unusual frescoes.

We took the route back to the town, following the steps and the very steep decline, wandered through the streets  and captured the rustic feel and sights of Sète.  It has a very authentic look and feel of a true fishing port mixed with the more modern street art that can be found on lots of buildings.  At the time of our visit there was a market and a flower market adding to the vibrancy of the town.

We stopped for the much promised lunch from Tony at one of the many restaurants lined along the quayside.  We opted for the Menu du jour a choice of starter, main and dessert at €15.90 each.  The food was pretty good we both chose fish options, Tony chose oysters, mussels and sea snails for a starter, stuffed squid and mussels for the main and I chose fish soup for the starter and monk fish for my main.

After lunch we fancied a boat tour around the harbour and the waterways but had to wait another hour so instead opted for the land train. The boat tour may have been the better option!

DSC01369 (479x640)
The beach at Sète

It was a beautiful sunny day so we cycled back to the Aire and spent a couple of hours sunbathing on the gorgeous beach that runs from Marseillen Plage to Sète. Tony left me on the beach whilst he prepared the van for our departure for our journey north to our next overnight stop.  I really didn’t want to leave the sunshine and the beach but New York is calling me so I had to.  We stopped overnight at a really lovely Aire at Campagnac just off junction 41 of the A75, situated behind the Gendarmerie and with full working facilities in a very quiet location.

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