Lake Trasimeno to Florence via Cortona

We left Lake Trasimeno to further our travels for a couple of nights near Florence. On the way we stopped off at the amazing hill top town of Cortona. Much to our delight there was parking for motorhomes and although it was a climb up to the village, they also supplied a couple of escalators to make the journey up and down easier (only one was working!).

Cortona is stunning and probably the best village we have seen so far, no wonder it was chosen as a location for large chunks of Under the Tuscan Sun film, based on the book by Frances Mayes. It is truly stunning, a fabulous square, narrow streets that just climb upwards, numerous churches, a monastery a couple of museums and stunning views towards Lake Trasimeno and the surrounding countryside. We followed signs up to the monastery but got a bit lost and carried on climbing up through the town, it really is a steep climb but the town is so lovely to see on the way up and on the way down.

Just as we left Cortona the heavens opened and we drove to Florence in the rain, taking an unnecessary detour due to ignoring the satnav and trying to follow the map, getting totally confused in Arezzo and going the wrong way before the satnav took us on a beautiful drive through the Tuscan countryside and getting caught up behind cyclists in a road race! It’s been a day for getting lost!

We finally arrived at our campsite for the next couple of nights just outside Florence and, due to the heavy rainfall , have been given a space in the tarmac car park to save us getting stuck in the mud.

We have been really lucky with the weather in that we have not been caught out by the rain whilst cycling or visiting towns, most of it has fallen in the night even visiting Florence today, we managed to escape the rain!


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