Val d’Orcia

We left Siena and headed for our next destination, Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. I had found a driving tour of the Val d’Orcia that I wanted to follow and so we drove to our first stop at the hill town of Montalcino. Yet again we had big problems trying to park the vans anywhere near the walk up to the town so in the end we gave up and tried to follow the route to the next stop but the satnav and I failed to get us on the right road to follow the tour so we missed out on a couple of other towns! However, we did pass through some beautiful Tuscan countryside and managed to see Montalcino from a distance!

We did manage to get to the medieval village of Monticchiello where we were able to park and have a walk around. It was very quiet, very pretty and had wonderful views over the Tuscan landscape. Inside the church was a lovely message from the Bishop and the Parish Priest.

Next stop was Pienza, once a sleepy hamlet transformed when, in 1459, Pope Pius II began turning his home village into an ideal Renaissance town. If you stand in the Piazzo Pio II and look all around you will have seen Pienza’s major monuments including the Duomo (work was being carried out on this at the time of our visit but you were still able to go inside) and The Palazzo Piccolomini; the residence of Pope Pius II. Again, there are great views from the town over the Tuscan landscape.

After giving in to yet another gelato, we continued east and arrived at Camping Kursaal on the banks of Lake Trasimeno

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