We took a drive out to the medieval fortress town of Morella, the main town of the Maestrazgo a region straggling the borders of Aragon and Valencia and about an hour’s drive from Peniscola,

We followed the walking tour in the guide book which takes you through the main streets that run through the centre of Morello lined with shops selling cheese, honey, pates, sausages and huge hams.

At the ancient Convent de Sant Francesc is also the entrance to the Castillo de Morella.  The convent has a lovely cloister and views up to the Castillo. 

The path up to the Castillo is quite steep in places and towards the top are about 98 steps and well worth the climb for stunning views of the town below and the surrounding countryside. 

After the Castillo we continued our walk passing past the Basilica Arxiprestal de Santa Maria just at the time is was closing for an hour so were unable to have a good look inside but were allowed a sneaky peak.  The tour then takes you through Morella’s medieval Jewish quarter, more narrow streets then back to the Portal de Sant Miquel, the gated entrance where we came in from the car park.

We stopped off at a bar for some tapas and a beer before taking a slightly different scenic route back to Peniscola and finding a perfect spot to take our final photos of the town behind us.

One thought on “Morella

  1. john lockyer May 3, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    Very nice.At last a no aggro day


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