Nouvelle Bouriac, Lot-et-Garonne

For the past three days we have been staying with our friends, Peter and Nia, at their beautiful new home in Lot-et-Garonne.  We first met Peter and Nia a couple of years ago on our travels at the aire in Nonancourt, the same place that we also had arranged to meet up with our long-standing friend, Liz, who at the time was living in Paris.  We all got on so well and have stayed in touch so it was a no brainer to all meet up again at Peter and Nia’s, who only one year ago, moved to France.

We have had the most super time with Peter and Nia, being the perfect hosts, taking us into Villeréal for the Saturday market and enjoying a glass of wine at one of the café’s in the square, then returning back in the evening for a meal out.  We have so enjoyed using their amazing swimming pool, eating together, chatting, laughing, drinking (plenty), tasting cocktails and dare I say it, I think I am in love with Penny and Colin, their two border terrier dogs!  Anyone that knows me, will be totally shocked to see me put this in writing. 

Peter and Nia, we thank you so very much for a fabulous visit!  Tony promises to help with the garden next time!

Today, we moved on to explore a little bit of the Dordogne whilst making our way north.