You are all asking “What is Lungomare?” The Lungomare is a 12km promenade from Volosko to Lovran that winds itself along the coast past glorious villas and the coastal villages of Icici, Ika and Opatija. Our campsite is based in Icici so this is where we started the trek to Volosko as I had read that it had become something of a restaurant mecca in recent years and Tony was going to have to push the boat out today.

Whilst walking the Lungomare we wondered if we could get a boat back to Lovran and then walk from there back to Icici, so that we did the full 12km. Whilst going through Opatija, we saw the kind of stalls that you see everywhere for boat trips so stopped to ask if it was possible to arrange for a boat from Volosko to Lovran. The very polite lady called Nataja (she wrote her name and phone number down for us) arranged for a glass bottomed taxi boat driven by Bruno to meet us by the Surf Café in Volosko at 3.00pm and we left a deposit with Nataja and she said we should give the balance to Bruno.

We continued to Volosko and found a very pleasant restaurant called Plavi Podrum and enjoyed a very good lunch. We were a bit early but walked to the Surf Café and found the jetty where the taxi arrives to pick up passengers and waited with apprehension on a bench, thinking that maybe he wouldn’t turn up. However, exactly at 3.00pm Bruno appeared from around the corner and took us for a 45 minute boat ride along the coast which gave us a great opportunity to see the area from the sea. This concluded in Tony pushing the boat out, literally!

We stopped for an ice-cream (which is really good here) and walked back from Lovran to the campsite.

Tony is very upset to be missing some very exciting Corrie by the sound of it and he is planning 10 hours watching on return, so he says please do not disturb him on the 7th October!

Tomorrow we are heading for the island of Rab for 3 nights. The weather is looking very mixed, we are expecting rain this week but it is still very warm and pleasant, if a little overcast.

3 thoughts on “Lungomare

  1. john and carol September 15, 2013 / 7:42 pm

    Looks very interesting and smart.Are there any signs of the war they had back in thenineties with the serbs.


    • rosiepike September 16, 2013 / 5:20 pm

      Not a bullet hole or shell damage in sight!


  2. liz September 15, 2013 / 7:52 pm

    At first I was expecting a Bruno no show, the way you were writing it!! good one Rosie 😉
    you’ll write a book one of these days, and I’ll download it on my kindle for sure!!
    it all looks very nice and … that ice cream, hum, very tempting!!
    thanks for tonight bed time story, back to the Cashemire shawl now…. xxxx


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