Lake Trasimeno

We’ve spent the past few days at Lake Trasimeno, exploring by bike. The first day we headed of south from the Passignano sul Trasimeno and cycled as far as San Savino. The cycle path is mostly off road but not always close to the water and you pass through a couple of villages on the way , Monte del Lago and San Feliciono, and we cycled a total distance of about 18 miles there and back. You get some lovely views of the lake and the Island of Pavese along the way. We were very lucky with the weather on that bike ride as it didn’t rain until after we had got back to the campsite and taken a very cold swim in the swimming pool.

The second cycle ride, Tony, John and I did (we left Diane at the campsite resting her knee) was heading north, anti-clockwise around the lake to Castiglione del Lago, again most of the path was off road but we did travel along the road from Borghetto to Castiglione del Lago, about 9km. Most of the car drivers were pretty good and gave us plenty of room but one Italian idiot in a motorhome overtook us then turned right into a garage directly in front of us and stopped halfway in the entrance and halfway in the road, causing us all to break and stop really quickly. He did receive some verbal abuse from us as he could have waited 5 seconds for us to pass the entrance to the garage and pull in behind us!

We stopped for a break along the waterside in Castiglione del Lago then walked up the steep hill to the town at the top. What a lovely town, very rustic and a delight to take a look at. At one end is the church and a lovely square and at the other is the castle ruins with stunning views over the lake and countryside.

About 2 miles from the campsite i got a puncture, thank goodness we stocked up at Decathlon to replace the stolen items. There and back we rode 32 miles. When we got back Tony and I took a swim in the lake and then a relax in the “just off being cold” Jacuzzi that overlooks the lake. In the evening we walked into the town of Passignano sul Trasimeno for a beer and a pizza whilst watching a beautiful sunset over the lake.


Useful Info

Camping Kursaal is a superb campsite set in the grounds of a small hotel with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, small beach and access to the lake for swimming or boating. The washing facilities are the best we have ever come across, so clean, great size showers, a restaurant, bar and mini market on site, free wifi and very friendly and accommodating staff.

Cycling around the lake is pretty easy, mostly off road tracks and signage to follow, albeit a bit confusing sometimes, just follow your nose and the lake and you shouldn’t get lost! There are three islands on the lake, Polvese, Minore and Maggiore all accessible by ferry boat from most of the towns around the lakeside.

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